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Wheatgrass Kits


Weight: 3000g


Living wheatgrass is so beautiful that the satisfaction of growing your own is immeasurable. And it means you can gauge production to tie in with how much you drink.

In these wheatgrass kits, you get all the instructions for growing 3 trays of fresh wheatgrass along with enough sturdy trays, organic compost, and the grain ready weighed out. There’s even a timetable to help you plan a smooth cropping cycle. Wheatgrass seed is so potent that it needs only water and plenty of light to flourish and harness the sun’s rays.

One tray of well-grown wheatgrass yields around 250-300ml wheatgrass juice. With an average of shot of 30mls per day, one tray will usually last for about 8-10 days.

The kit contains:

  3 heavy duty seed trays
  3 x 500g packs organic spelt-wheat grain
  3 x 1 Litre packs organic compost
  Growing instructions and tips

Because of the nature of this product, we can only send to customers within the UK