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Guarana Buzz Gum


Weight: 70g


Guarana is a creeping shrub native to the Amazon rainforest, the seed of which has been used by indigenous tribes for centuries to boost energy levels and combat fatigue, and in addition it can help to improve concentration and focus.

It gains its energising benefits from a number of actives that are found in the seed - caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. These stimulants are found in a complex named Guaranine that provides gentle stimulation over a period of several hours.
With this in mind, GoGo Guarana Buzz Gum has been developed as a way to deliver the benefits of the herb to anyone on the move. GoGo Guarana Buzz Gum is particularly suitable for drivers – as studies have shown that both peppermint oil (which is included in GoGo Guarana Buzz Gum) and the act of chewing itself can help keep drivers alert on the roads. The other key advantage from using GoGo Guarana Buzz Gum is that you don’t get the ‘peaks’ and ‘troughs’ in energy levels associated with excessive caffeine use (i.e. from coffee/tea etc).

Pack contains 50 chiclets.   Each chiclet contains 100mg of guarana


Ingredients: Xylitol 28%, Sorbitol Maltitol, gum base, humectant, glycerin, emulsifier: rapeseed lecithin (CONTAINS SOY) , Guarana extract 5:1, Flavours: pepermint, menthol, thickener: gum arabic; colour: titanium dioxide/; natural glazing agent, carnauba wax