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Guarana Seeds 70g


Weight: 100g


Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) is a powerful stimulant made from the sun-dried seeds of a Brazilian bush. The Satere-Mawe indians know it as ‘The Food of the Gods.’ It contains the active ingredient guaranine which is similar to caffeine but is longer lasting and without the side effects.

Guarana boosts your mind and body for up to 6 hours and is a recognised aphrodisiac. It is also an appetite suppressant and thus good as a slimming aid. We do not recommend taking Guarana if you are pregnant or suffer from heart or respiratory problems.

70g of authentic Amazonian Guarana seeds. Simply de-shell and place into your mouth for a slow release of energy. Alternatively - grind them up and use them in drinks for faster absorbtion.