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5x Guarana Extract Powder 50g


Weight: 70g


Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) is a powerful stimulant made from the seeds of an Amazonian bush. The Satere-Mawe Indians know it as ‘The Food of the Gods.’ It contains the active ingredient guaranine which when combined with inherent caffeine is longer lasting and not as harsh as coffee. Guarana boosts your mind and body for up to 6 hours, is 100% organic and a recognised aphrodisiac. It is also an appetite suppressant and thus good as a slimming aid. It is a very popular supplement for the gym!

This product contains 50g of the 5x concentrated extract of Guarana seed.

This means that it is five times stronger than normal Guarana and provides a huge amount of physical and mental energy. As this is fully soluble it is best for mixing in drinks. Use sparingly. Great value!

We do not recommend taking Guarana if you suffer from heart or respiratory problems.