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Benefits of Guarana

The Guarana Company has been serving up Guarana to our friends, families and customers since the 70's.  During that time we have received a lot of feedback about both the quality of our guarana, and the benefits it has had for so many of you.  Firstly, our Guarana is the finest, premium quality that can be found.  Some of our Brasilian customers have also claimed that they can not find the same high quality guarana even in Brasil.  The pale colour shows that the powder does not contain any ground up shell; even though the shell does contain the active ingredients, it is in lower amounts.  Furthermore, all guarana seeds are baked for several hours straight after harvesting.  Our seeds have been baked slowly to dry them over 70 hours, at a low temperature, again to maintain the goodness within the seed.  Our Guarana powder is distinctive for its fruity aroma, and pale colour.  

Some of our customers take Guarana daily due to either a very busy lifestyle or due to fatigue.  Other customers take Guarana when they need an extra boost of energy.  Many dancers, athletes, shift workers, drivers and students for some, have claimed that our Guarana gives them that extra boost just when they need it.   The powder is the most popular form of Guarana that we sell as our customers enjoy the flexibility of being able to add it to drinks or foods of their choice. 

We hope you enjoy the benefits of our Guarana and would love to hear your feedback. Contact us at info@guaranaco.com if you have any stories or experiences to share! 

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